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Defining health and its importance


The athlete is always considered one of the most followers of the concept of fitness in order to reach the highest physical level that he can reach in order to strengthen the technical and planning level and thus achieve good results from the type of specialized sport he practices or even improve his way of life on this basis. This article came to clarify some aspects of Fitness and its specialties 

 physical characteristics, physiological ability, and movement characteristics, as it is the result of the influence of sport in all body systems, which in turn comes to diagnosing the level 

so the purpose of the development of fitness in the athlete is to reach efficiency As a basic rule for building a healthy body and reaching its highest capabilities, and by another definition of 

physical fitness it is the ability of the respiratory system and blood circulation to restore their normal state after performing a certain work

That is, we can say that it is the healthy state of the athlete that enables him to perform his physical functions efficiently and skillfully, With the least possible effort

Charles Boker specifies that physical wellness is one of the parts of exhaustive wellness and this wellness relies upon the physical abilities of the competitor considering the impact of other social, social, and mental elements. 

In another definition, it is the capacity of the person to do all his day by day exercises with high productivity and with negligible exertion.

The division of physical fitness into private and public:

The definition of special physical fitness:

 is that it is necessary to reach the required level required by the game in terms of kinetic abilities.
 As for the definition of general physical fitness, it brings the athlete to a balanced body and arranging for it to exert the physical effort required to practice sports without specializing in a specific sport
Also, we accompany a few components of physical wellness that come in the cutting edge of 

support, it is the capacity of the competitor to suffer exhaustion and keep up the power of work for the longest conceivable timeframe that he can persevere
It tends to be characterized as protection from work with the synchronous continuation of the movement or expertise for a while without loosening in work and a decrease in incapability.

The streamlined limit is partitioned into essential upkeep. Streamlined limit

We clarify the essential upkeep that it compares to the fundamental power of physical preparing with the support of glucose levels utilizing free unsaturated fats.

Air limit, through which the competitor starts to suffer, relates to the power on a basic level 

Concerning the high-impact limit, it compares to the force with which the competitor can improve his expertise with the continuance
Thus the significance of industriousness, as it assumes a significant job in the life of a decent competitor since it improves the capacity of his physical exhibition and decreases the danger of injury and specialized mistakes and its ideal advancement of recuperation capacity

We see a major contrast in the assessments of Western researchers in characterizing the segments of physical wellness

as the extraordinary researcher, Clark recognized them in three parts of muscle quality, strong skin, intermittent skin.

physical fitness and included the following: Muscular capacity, agility, flexibility, speed

The segments of motor wellness were viewed as more than 

He likewise added to the similarity of the arms and eyes, and the similarity of the feet and eyes, as they are fundamental segments of the overall engine capacity, as it is extensive for both physical wellness and dynamic wellness.

Charles Buecker likewise clarified that Larsim and Yukum did finish research and created current arrangements of the segments of active wellness on the grounds that in their view they can be consolidated into one idea. Speed, readiness, accuracy similarity

As for the great scientist Harry, in his book on the science of training, he identified it in five basic components: strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, agility.

As for the scientists of the Soviet Union, they agreed that the components of physical attribute are strength, speed, endurance, skill, and flexibility

Then it is important to relax the muscles, balance the sense of distance

Also, figuring out how to wipe out the blunders brought about by exhaustion and stable soundness of the competitor

Speed ​​is a component of fitness:

Larsen and Yorkam defined it as the ability of the individual to perform sequential movements of one type in the shortest time, and it was also known to accelerate the transitional movement,

meaning moving forward as quickly as possible. Which enables the athlete to perform the movement in the least possible time and is 

significant in light of the fact that it is a significant segment of the exhibition of different games as it is a piece of all the physical capacities and the capacity of the competitor to foresee at all conceivable 

time for developments and fast response during the advancement of unforeseen play and the capacity to make intermittent and non-occasional developments at a quick pace And likewise to rapidly actualize 

unique developments under the weight of the rival and his capacity to move rapidly and effectively during the game through the mediation of his specialized psychological abilities.


Power is defined by some scholars as to the force that an individual can exert during a maximum effort only once

It is defined as the endurance or muscle strength that a muscle or muscle group can produce at its maximum voluntary contraction.

It is the capacity of the competitor to conquer all obstruction and their different kinds. The sorts of power come to incredible quality is the greatest power a competitor can reach during solid constriction 

The power portrayed by speed is a mix of both the adequacy and the power in a solitary development, for example, it is the quick sign of muscle quality as it is known as the muscle 

estimator over protections that require a further extent of speed and muscle withdrawals, and it is the capacity of the competitor to show the biggest measure of his quality at all conceivable time and this power shows up on account of hopping to Up or bounce the forward

Perseverance is the capacity of a competitor to suffer for the longest conceivable period or rehash the biggest number of times for a similar development without losing his quality 

The significance of solidarity is that it gives people a firm physical arrangement in all developments, and it is a fundamental component in the competitor's engine capacity and assurance from injury and twisting. 

Adaptability is a fundamental component for a competitor during the exhibition of sports developments since it structures, alongside the remainder of the physical attributes, the reason 

for obtaining and acing engine execution, as it communicates the scope of development in the different joints of the body and the kinds of adaptability come general adaptability and uncommon adaptability 

General adaptability implies the capacity of the different joints of the body to work in a wide range 

Specific adaptability is the capacity of the joints important to be utilized in a given work movement over a wide range 

Adaptability is additionally separated into positive and negative 

Dexterity is critical to the competitor all by itself, as it implies the capacity of the body to alter its positions or course rapidly and precisely

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