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Physical fitness and body care


Despite interest all over the world in fitness, but it is difficult to define, the meaning of fitness there is a lot of definition, including the following:

Healthy body:

fitness significance of physical wellness originates from the significance of human wellbeing, the nonattendance of maladies, and physical shortcoming that keeps it from creating productively and successfully.

a man created to be active and able to carry out the usual daily movements and actions. Scientists have indicated that a person needs movement in his search for food and hunting in order to survive.

Also, when man knew horticulture, he required an extraordinary solid and engine exertion to do the crude cultivating exercises that necessary an incredible exertion and vitality. He likewise required this vitality and exertion for assembly line laborers, clearing streets, and development of railroads toward the start of the eighteenth century.

The requirement for a level of wellness with astounding wellbeing. The human need to keep up physical wellness and general wellbeing is something worth being thankful for, as it expects him to practice and keep up his eating routine normally, and to know, mindful, and comprehend the significance of this present when human development has diminished significantly because of its reliance on machine and automation, and this marvel in the West is classified "Hypokinetic Condition" (Corbin and Lindsey, 1991) implies any state of need or absence of development, and this condition prompts the event of natural sicknesses, for example, cardiovascular maladies, back torment ailments, diabetes, and corpulence.

Definition of fitness:

1- Hockey, 1981 defines her as a person who can do his daily tasks without getting tired depending on the physical components, regular diet, psychological, mental and spiritual comfort of this person in addition to being an individual matter

2- Clarke 1976 defined physical fitness as the body's ability to do daily tasks without fatigue and undue fatigue from having enough energy to enjoy free time and exercise preferred identities and the fact that the body must provide the energy necessary for an emergency and fatigue

3- As for Corbin and Lindsey, they recognize physical fitness as the ability of a person to perform his daily activities without feeling tired and very efficient, and it consists of eleven components, each of which contributes to the rise in the level of physical efficiency in particular and the level of a person's life in general.

4- Falls and Baylor and Dishman, 1980, and defines it as a form of physical training, daily practice, training towards work, and the completion of daily work.

5- As for Allen and Vance and Harrison, they talked about physical fitness as a state of body strength and reflection of individual strength without feeling undue fatigue while providing some energy for use in promotional activities and facing unexpected emergencies.


In addition to that, there are some exercises that can be practiced during the free time to permanently exercise the body on physical fitness and not feel tired in emergency situations and we understand that that the individual must do physical exercises on a daily basis in order to maintain body fitness

Fitness concept:

The concept of fitness is changing with the progress in time that the concept of fitness in the last century differs from its concept in the twentieth century

The focus in measuring physical fitness was entirely dependent on physical strength because it depended on it for its daily work and activity. Nowadays, fitness has become particularly measured by the efficiency and skin of the respiratory circulatory system, which consists of the heart and lungs.

And physical fitness in its concept was not found in the middle of the last century, as proper nutrition and the percentage of body fat became among the basic components of physical fitness.

The importance of physical fitness for an individual:

1- Improving the performance of the vital body systems, such as the respiratory and muscular systems.

2- It helps to get rid and reduce the chances of heart disease.

3- It helps to maintain the appropriate weight for each individual and lose excess weight.

4- Strengthening and raising the performance of the body joints, tendons and ligaments that support it.

5- It helps to increase the efficiency of the food burning process and convert it into useful energy.

6- It helps increase the body's resistance to fatigue and nervous tension.

7- Increasing self-confidence and emotional balance while taking pride in the capabilities of the individual.

8- An effective and beneficial means of recreation and leisure.

9- It helps to reduce the effects of aging and improve the functioning of the vital functions of the body when growing old.

10 - Practicing sports activities on a regular basis, helping to increase the expected life expectancy of two years.

1- Components related to the correct movement of the body

3-Speed in motion

1- Physical health supplement
1-Body fat percentage
2-Muscular strength

And we alert my dear visitor to the importance of carrying out physical exercises to maintain regularity of the body

And maintaining physical fitness from not reaching the stage of physical inactivity and permanent fatigue

We see that since the beginning of the twentieth century, many people are no longer interested in fitness for his body, which has led to many diseases and physical fatigue.



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