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Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight You Should Avoid


Naturally, everyone wants to look best!

And this is the reason people take proper care of their looks, dresses, body to look attractive and smart.

One of the common things that most of the people are found struggling with is – Overweight.

This is something that not only makes your entire impression down but lowers the confidence level as well.

So, when it comes to losing weight, people start following quick approaches to shed fat fast.

People desperately start working out in the gyms or start dieting and even start following other weight loss approaches in full swing.

Moreover, there are both healthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight and get in shape.

Well, losing weight is necessary but it is also necessary to promote healthy weight loss otherwise this will affect ones’ health also.

However, many people fall into the dangerous trap of using unhealthy ways to lose weight.

Therefore, today in this article I am going to describe the unhealthy weight loss ways that you need to stop using if you are following them.

Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight:

UNHEALTHY weight loss methods undoubtedly help you to achieve fast weight loss.

But these are typically poor as this you start gaining weight back as you stop using them.

And another reason is they can even harm the body’s vital organs.

All these ways will help you to achieve short-term results and get the long-lasting negative effects.

So here check out the unhealthy ways to lose weight fast.

Please Note: We DO NOT suggest you try them and if you are following any one of it then stop it right now. Apart from that also check out some safe and effective ideas to lose weight in a healthy way.

1. Starving Yourself

Plenty of people are having this wrong prediction, that starving will help you to lose weight.

But, they are not aware of the fact that eating consistently is the key to healthy weight loss.

And starving yourself is possibly an unhealthy way to keep off weight in the long run.

Commonly starving yourself not only harms the body’s metabolism but also makes us lose the wrong type of weight loss.

In this case, instead of losing body internal body fat, we start losing the water weight and lose muscle mass.

And the other fact is that due to the starvation mode body’s metabolism process consequently slows down. As a result, the body not burns calories as it is burning first.

And the body more likely starts storing ingested calories as fat.

So if you are the one following this unhealthy way to lose weight then stop doing this

Apart from that safe and effective way to lose weight is to eat small portions of healthy food constantly the whole day.

2. Excessive Exercise

A very common saying Excess Of Anything Is Bad, define this point best.

Well, compulsive exercise and excessive workout put extreme pressure on the body and organs as well.

The impact of putting too much physical stress can be highly dangerous, and commonly when combined with starvation.

This includes plenty of negative effects such as increased injury, insomnia, decreased immune system functioning, and can even cause people too sick frequently.

So, over-exercising is most likely to put people at risk of dangerous injury and considered as an unhealthy way to lose weight fast.

Instead of that, you can start following the short duration, high-intensity cardio in a regular routine, combine with resistance training and as well follow a healthy diet plan this is the best approach to lose weight safely.

Exercise is the quickest way to lose weight fast but excess exercise is dangerous and needs to be avoided.

3. Dinitrophenol (DNP)

This is one of the unhealthy ways to lose weight.

In many studies, health professionals have clearly mentioned this weight loss agent too dangerous for human consumption.

This is very unhealthy and known for an effect that contains appetite suppression, increased internal body heat, and as well increased heart rate.

The UK Food Standard Agency, in 2003 labeled DNP “not fit for human consumption”. But this is still available over the shady trading sites on the internet and this poses a health risk to dieters and consumers worldwide.

Well, it is clear this is harmful and should be avoided.

Apart from that, it is advised to make use of the natural weight loss supplement that is safe to use and clinically proven to lose weight.

And as well combined a healthy diet and exercise regularly also get quality sleep to lose weight.

4. Tapeworm Diet

Making use of the parasites for dieting purposes is not as common as it is used to be.

Some dieters often ingest these nasty organisms into their bodies for shedding the weight fast.

But this is totally unhealthy as these parasites attach themselves to the intestinal walls of humans and can grow up to 15 feet in length.

Not only this they also absorb many of the important nutrients we get from foods and this results in vitamin deficiencies if left untreated.

This is the possible highly dangerous way of the entire unhealthy ways to lose weight fast.

Our suggestion doesn’t do it.  

5. Taking Protein-Only Diet

Make people who are looking to lose weight start using the protein only diet and cut out the other specific food.

But this is not healthy for our body, as humans derive nutrition from eating a variety of different food and from different food groups.

However, during the weight loss process, the dieting often recommends to cut out some foods.

But if you are taking the protein-only diet than you can experience insufficient fiber intake, constipation, and decreased liver functioning.

Well, some high protein only foods can even put people at higher risk of heart disease,

So, stop following this unhealthy diet to lose weight.

Despite it, our suggestion is include steamed complex carbs such as broccoli and kale. Also, combine it with small portions of healthy whole grain and cut out simple carbs or unnecessary sugar.

6. Laxatives

This is another trend or we can say an unhealthy way to lose weight fast.

The people who are trying to get rid of unwanted calories start taking laxatives to burns calories fast and lose weight

But repeated abuse of laxatives essentially rushes food and calories through gut before they can be absorbed. This can result in serious complications.

The misuse of laxatives disturbs the body’s internal mineral balance, reduces body healthy nutrients such as sodium, potassium and other required electrolytes for healthy cell functioning.

This can also result in severe dehydration that damages our vital organs, and this is another unhealthy way to lose weight fast.

We suggest you to stop taking laxatives instead of its start taking healthy fibers and complex carbs in your diet for normal and digestive functioning.

7. Smoking

I guess it is not required to mention why we should not smoke. We all know the fact that smoking is terrible for us.

This is the increased range of lung cancer to an increased risk of heart disease; there is not a single reason why smoking could be considered a viable weight-loss option.

However, they are some people who still utilize this method due to the appetite suppressive effect it is having.

The Nicotine interacts with the brain’s neurotransmitters such that it stimulates the receptors that decrease hunger.

So if through smoking you are trying to achieve appetite suppression, then there are far healthier methods that you can try to lose weight.

We recommend you stop smoking right now and replace this habit with healthy options. When you feel hungry have some baby carrots and hummus or include other veggies in salads.

8. Eating Fat-Free Everything

For weight loss, the people start following a fat-free diet but foregoing all forms of fat is not healthy at all.

Including the healthy ones like olive oil and avocado is undoubtedly make your food blend tasteless but also make you sick as well

Not eating enough amount of fat will make your skin dry, feel hungry often, and extreme mental fatigue.

So the best is to include some kind of fat in your diet, add some dietary products and promote a healthy weight loss.

9. Working Out On An Empty Stomach

We might have heard that exercising in an empty stomach or when you are hungry will prompt your body to burn more fat.

But this is unhealthy and dangerous for the body.

In an article published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal, it is clearly mentioned this is not TRUE.

Without fuelling when you hit the gym you are more likely to end up losing your muscle.

This is bad as the muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissues.

So the best is to stop exercising in an empty stomach and include a healthy diet along with the exercises.

10. Switching to Diet Soda

The sugary, high calories soda or diet pop and other stimulants are linked to fend off the hunger pangs and stay skinny.

Commonly the diet beverages come with their own set of health risks and considering this for weight loss is terribly an unhealthy option.

Just like nicotine, the active ingredients in the stimulants like methamphetamine and cocaine interact with the brain in ways to suppress hunger and appetite.

And in a study, it is clearly mentioned that who consumed artificial sweeteners like coke, soda, diet drinks, coffee, and tea gained more weight and as well as belly fat.

This unhealthy way to lose weight is simply dangerous for the body to enter starvation mode and long-term effects on both the brain and body.

So the best is to include a healthy diet, smart exercises, and take sufficient sleep to promote a healthy weight loss.

11. Adding Coconut Oil to Everything

In some research, it is mentioned that the fatty acids present in coconut oil boost the metabolism,

But there is no evidence that it is actually effective for weight loss.

Just like other fats, one tablespoon of coconut oil contains 120 calories, so you can overdo it.

Also if you like the flavor then use it moderately, don’t expect it will help you to lose weight.

In fact, include it in your healthy diet plan and can enjoy it moderately to change the flavor of your food.

Final Notes:

Well, these are some of the unhealthy ways to lose weight that you should avoid.

These drastic weight loss methods are not only unhealthy but dangerous too for your body.

You should avoid using it and promote healthy weight loss.

Apart from that below follow the given alternate solution to lose weight fast and naturally.

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